• publish: 25 September 2021
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Amid economic downturn

Less visitors at recreational venues

The number of visitors at recreational places and touristic sites in Kabul and other provinces has decreased dramatically amidst an economic crisis in the country over the last five weeks, business owners said.

Owners of shops and restaurants at some recreational places in Kabul said there is a dramatic decrease in the number of their customers. 

Qargha Lake is one of Kabul’s recreational sites where less people are visiting it following the fall of the former government.

Ramin, who visited the lake with his family, said that people’s presence there was much less than he expected.

“Around 20 families have come here. People are not visiting here as much as they did before,” he said.

Restaurant owners said their businesses have also been affected negatively and their income has decreased dramatically. 

“There is a 70 percent change in our business. If it continues like this, we might not be able to run our businesses anymore,” said Nadir, a restaurant owner.

Taliban officials, however, assured that families can visit the lake and other recreational places without having any security concerns.

“Security is maintained. Families can visit the lake from 7am to 8pm,” Qari Mahmoud, the head of a security team for Qargha Lake, said.

Some Kabul residents said economic challenges are the main reason that less people are visiting recreational venues.

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