• publish: 22 August 2016
  • time: 12:38 pm
  • category: Security&Crime
  • No: 4299

Man who assassinated 13 military officials arrested in western Herat

A man who has reportedly assassinated 13 Afghan military officials in western Herat province was arrested, Herat police said.

A spokesman for Herat police Abdurauf Ahmadi said on Sunday that during the recent years, at least 13 Afghan military officials have been assassinated in the province, and the man they just arrested had been involved in their assassination.

“He has so far confessed to two of the 13 charges brought against him”, said Ahmadi adding that police interrogation is still going on.

A source familiar to the case told Raha that the arrested man was involved in assassination of a commander in Herat police HQ last year.

Herat province is located in western part of Afghanistan where assassination and kidnappings have been a major concern for its residents and officials.

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