• publish: 30 June 2021
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Miller warns of civil war as militias step in to fight alongside security forces

US military commander in Afghanistan General Scott Miller gave a sobering assessment of the country’s security situation on Tuesday and warned that militias deployed to help the national security forces could lead the country into civil war.

Speaking to a group of journalists in Kabul, Millar also said the rapid loss of districts around the country to the Taliban was worrisome.

“A civil war is certainly a path that can be visualized if this continues on the trajectory it’s on right now, that should be of concern to the world,” he said.

According to him, US troops in Afghanistan currently have enough weapons and capability to assist the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces if needed.

“What I don’t want to do is speculate what that (support) looks like in the future,” he said.

Miller said there are multiple reasons for the collapse of these districts, including troop fatigue and surrender, psychological defeat and military defeat.

But he said the escalating violence puts the country at risk of falling into a deadly civil war.

He also said that going forward, the Afghan defense forces must focus on consolidating their strengths and establishing strategic areas and protecting them.

“As we start talking about how does this all end, the way it must end for the Afghan people is something that revolves around a political solution,” he said.

“I’ve also said that if you don’t reduce the violence, that political solution becomes more and more difficult.”

According to AP, Miller refused to say where the US and its NATO allies were in the withdrawal process but said his time as the head of the US’s military mission in Afghanistan was coming to an end.

AP stated that while not giving a date as to when he will leave the country, the press briefing had the feeling of a farewell.

Miller also said that he did not foresee any changes to his orders but added that they still had the ability to be flexible.

Miller also warned the Taliban that if the group continued to attack Afghan forces, the US will back the ANDSF based on the Doha deal signed early last year.

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