• publish: 24 October 2021
  • time: 12:49 am
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Mines ‘materials in Ghor province smuggled to Iran and Pakistan

Reports from Ghor province say smugglers transfer the province’s mines ‘materials and precious stones to neighboring provinces and then to neighboring countries.

Salt rocks in “Shahrak, Allahyar and Polak” areas of Ghur province are being carried to Herat and Kabul and then smuggled to Iran and Pakistan.” A source in condition of anonymity told Raha News Agency

Rich in precious stones mines, Ghur province has been the aim of smugglers for many years the source added

Since the ex-government, precious stones have been smuggled to neighboring countries but no governmental steps have been taken to stop the process said the same source  

Meanwhile, Maruf Saeidi, a civil activist in Ghur, told Raha News Agency the local strong figures excavate in Dowlatyar, Shahrak and Tolak areas of Firuzkuh city and smuggle antiquities.  

Refusing to name the local strong men, he said following the excavation some antiquities like jars are found and smuggled to Iran and Pakistan.

According to Mr. Saeedi there are some coal mines in Tulak district of Ghor province, and local residents extract them for heating their homes in winters.  

Taliban officials in Ghor province declined to comment.

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