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Ministry of Agriculture kicks off program to promote women’s role in agriculture

The scheme was launched in Kabul, Balkh, Parwan, Nangarhar and Kapisa provinces.

The training programs include methods of vegetable gardening, livestock management and apiculture.

The Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAI), Assadullah Zamir, visited agriculture farms of female farmers in Silkworm Farm in Darulaman.

Tens of female farmers are being trained in the farm to learn modern methods of farming, kitchen gardening, livestock production activities, and techniques of beekeeping.

Zamir said that the training program for women started a few years ago and hundreds of female farmers have received related trainings so far.

He added that the main purpose of the scheme was to encourage women in rural areas to play their role in agricultural sector to improve economy of their families.

He estimated that women farmers comprise 40 to 45 percent of agricultural labor force in Afghanistan.

He vowed that the MAIL will explore different ways to promote women’s role in the agricultural sector.

He said that economic growth of the country was not possible without improvement of the agricultural sector.

Head of the Silkworm Farm, Muhammad Saleem, said that at first 25 agricultural experts will teach the female farmers new methods of farming through lectures, and then they start teaching them practically how to cultivate.

“In some cases the newly trained farmers will then transfer their gained skills to around 12 other women in the respective areas,” he added.

He said that the scheme was launched in 2012 and will continue till 2017.