• publish: 26 August 2015
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Mohaqiq calls for joint efforts against terror  

Mohammad Mohaqiq, Second Deputy to Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has called regional countries and world communities for joint war against the menace of terror.

In an interview with the Sharq (East) Newspaper Mohammad Mohaqiq said that IS or Daesh is a phenomenon created by some powerful countries and intelligence agencies to defame Islam.

He also admitted that Daesh has gained foothold in Afghanistan. However, he added that the people and government of Afghanistan won’t allow the terrorist outfit to infiltrate into the country.

Replying a question, Mohaqiq said that the government of Afghanistan has called upon the world to jointly fight against terrorist network and therefore, Iran cannot be excluded.

He also warned that Daesh is a threat to Afghanistan today, but it would tomorrow threat central Asian states inclusive of China and Russia.

To a query about the activities of Taliban militants and the peace process with the extremist group, Mohaqiq pointed out that the Taliban outfit has playing at the hand of others and that was why they were unaware of the death of their so-called leader Mullah Omar while he died two years ago in Pakistan.

Mohammad Mohaqiq also recalled the efforts done by the government regarding women rights in Afghanistan and said that today 69 women are members of parliament, four women serving as cabinet members and two women are governors in two provinces under the leadership of national unity government.

He added that the government is committed to further improve women status in the country.

Replaying a question, Mohaqiq termed Iran-Afghanistan relations as exemplary and hoped that the relations would further get closer in the years ahead.

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