• publish: 15 August 2019
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Mohaqiq confirms divergence within Atmar’s team

Vice presidential candidate Mohammad Mohaqiq on Wednesday confirmed internal rift among members of presidential runner Mohammad Haneef Atmar’s team.

He told TOLOnews that he will make a final decision on his position in the team “in the near future”.

He said that there is a possibility that members of this team will join another campaign as confirmed differences between four key members of the campaign. 

“It is a reality that some issues came upon whether we should consider the premiership position in our campaign but an agreement was not achieved in this respect and this damaged all of us and stopped our election campaign. But it was not the only reason; there are some other factors as well,” Mr. Mohaqiq explained.

He said that members of the team will meet again and “will make final decision about what we have to do next”.

“If a decision is made to continue, we will continue. If they suggested boycotting the election, we will boycott. If it is decided that everyone has to go on their own way, then we will select a proper way,” he added.

 Mr. Mohaqiq said that some presidential candidates are interested in alliance of Atta Mohammad Noor, Mohammad Yunus Qanooni and himself in their teams.

“The reality is that we are one part of the election. If we join any ticket or support it, we will give it strength. There are the calls that we join other teams. We have been consulted by several fronts,” he said. 

Another key member of Mr. Atmar’s team, Wahidullah Sabawoon, who heads a political party, said he is willing to leave the team over what he described as “illegal demands” by the leadership of the team. 

Sources previously told TOLOnews that Mr. Atmar might join President Ghani in his re-election campaign in the September election.

The sources said that National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib met with Mr. Atmar on Sunday evening aimed at encouraging him to join Mr. Ghani’s re-election campaign.

A spokesman for Mr. Ghani’s campaign, Jawed Faisal, said they are ready to welcome any election campaign team to join their ticket.

Origin of Rift 

Last month, the political office of Atta Mohammad Noor, the former governor of Balkh and chief executive of Jamiat-e-Islami party, who is now part of Atmar’s campaign team, the disagreements broke out after Mr. Atmar backtracked from his original position on the post of the premiership. 

Noor’s aides said that Mr. Atmar had committed in a written document to create the post of prime minister once he wins the presidential election.

The differences deepened after Mr. Atmar said in an interview with TOLOnews that the next president should have the authority to dismiss or appoint the upcoming prime minister.

But, Mr. Atmar’s spokesman last month said the creation of the post of prime minister was of a national issue and that the campaign is holding talks regarding the issue to reach to some type of understanding on it.

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