• publish: 12 December 2015
  • time: 12:03 am
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Mohaqiq warns of upsurge in insurgency in coming year

Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah’s second deputy Mohammad Mohaqiq on Friday warned of more violence in the country during the coming year, calling on the people to be prepared for what he believes will be a lengthy war.

He called on the people to think about their contribution over maintaining security and defending the country against threats in different regions.

“We are committed to the peace negotiations and determined to take firm steps in this regard and do not chant war slogans, but this issue must be remembered that still our country is facing major crisis and turmoil, we will likely face more violence and major wars during the spring,” he said.

Speaking at a gathering commemorating the anniversary of the death of Prophet Mohammad, Mohaqiq warned that violence will likely to see an upsurge in spring, calling on the people to cooperate with the government to maintain security.

“My request for the entire people of Afghanistan is to be prepared for a long term war,” he added.

The remarks come hours before President Ashraf Ghani said peace talks with the Taliban will likely start within the next few weeks.

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