• publish: 24 January 2016
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More than one thousand ANA recruits graduate

Over a thousand Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers graduated from the Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC) on Sunday and are due to join their counterparts serving in ranks of the national army.

General Laal Jan Zaheer, the commander of KMTC, said that the graduates were provided with military training of international standard and those who graduated today are ready to fight on the battlefields.

The graduates pursued their military and professional training in a number of key fields including war managementand other important military spheres, he said.

“It is an auspicious moment that today the recruits graduated after completing their training, they are now ready to join their counterparts in the battlefield,” Zaheer said.

In addition, Mohmand Katawazai has said that the Afghan graduates are determined to defend the nation and eliminate those who shed the blood of the people in the country.

“These soldiers have now graduated, they are fully prepared to defend the national pride and borders of the country against those who work for the aliens and shed the blood of the people on the orders of them,” he said.

The new graduates have expressed their firm determination to defend the country at any cast.

“We pursued several training here and prepared to fight for the defense of the country,” ANA graduate Bakhtyar said.

“I will defend the country until the last drop of blood circulates in my veins. I am committed to serving the nation and the country,” another graduate Ghulam Hussain said.

The Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC) constitutes Afghanistan’s largest training centers where graduates at the center are provided military training in accordance to NATO standards

ANA instructors taught basic soldiering skills as well as tactical and patrol skills during several weeks of training.

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