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Moscow will host next round of ‘Extended Troika’ talks on Afghanistan peace process

The extended Troika conference on Afghanistan reconciliation will be held on Friday, aimed at advancing peace.

Russian Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov confirmed that an Extended ‘Troika’ meeting will take place with the participation of Russia, the US, China, and Pakistan on April 30th.

Zalmay Khalilzad is also expected to attend the meeting on finding solutions for the halted intra-Afghan talks.

“We will be trying to work out a common position to give an impetus for the talks to take place”, Kabulov added, “time will tell how that turns out”.

Earlier in March, Moscow hosted a ‘Troika’ meeting which was attended by the representatives of Turkey, China, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, and the Taliban.

Following the meeting, in a joint statement US, Russia, China, and Pakistan stressed they do not support the return of the Taliban regime.

“Any peace agreement must include protections for the rights of all Afghans, including women, men, children, victims of war, and minorities, and should respond to the strong desire of all Afghans for economic, social and political development including the rule of law,” the statement read.

Taliban were also urged not to pursue spring offensive, a battle campaign by conducted by the Taliban every year.

This comes As President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday at Mujahideen’s victory day that led to bloodshed, loot, and civil war offered the power-sharing or inclusive government to the Taliban.

He said lessons must be learnt from the past, and called for demonstration of wisdom in the peace process.

Afghanistan has changed and no one can impose their will on its public through war and violence, President Ghani said.

President Ghani called on the Taliban to shun and avoid the war and grab the opportunity for a democratic mechanism for a power-sharing government.

Afghanistan slipped into civil war, chaos and destruction as a result of Jihad against Soviet troops Ghani said.

The president also hoped for a prolonged peace and said it could only be achieved through national cohesion and unity.

President later on that day met with President Hamid Karzai, former jihadist leader Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayyaf, and High Council for National Reconciliation Chairman Abdullah Abdullah.

The political figures reportedly discussed the political situation in Afghanistan and the national consensus on the peace process, the Afghan political leaders also discussed the UN-led conference to be held in Turkey.

Dealing with conditions after the withdrawal were also discussed, media outlets reported.

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