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MPs claim neighbouring intelligence behind the e-ID delays  

Lawmakers urged an immediate distribution of the ID cards on Saturday session claiming it will bring improvement in the security condition and guarantees the transparency in the future elections.

“The Population Registration Act was approved based on the Afghan constitution and it doesn’t have any problem, neighboring countries especially Pakistan does not want Afghanistan to have electronic ID cards, because it ensures the security and guarantees the transparency of elections,” Shekiba Hashimi a member of the Afghan Parliament from Kandahar said.

On the other side, Mullah Tarakhil Muhammadi a representative from Kabul stated,” distribution of the electronic ID cards flames disunity between the people of Afghanistan, because others interfere in this process. What will happen if the word ‘Afghan’ is written? All people proud to be called as Afghans”.

But the House Speaker called discussion on the issue as irrelevant reasoning, as the Population Registration Act was ratified by Afghan Parliament and was approved by the President of Afghanistan and it doesn’t have any legal issue.

Earlier Afghan cabinet announced that the distribution process of the national electronic ID cards will be kicked off by August 19, but due to the disagreements over the word ‘Afghan’ the process was hold back to a later time.

At the same time, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has suspended its $3 million cooperation due to the postponements in the process.