• publish: 23 December 2020
  • time: 6:21 pm
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MPs: Security organs incapable to ensure Kabul safety

Wolesi Jirga members on Wednesday dubbed security organs as incapable to ensure security in Kabul and demanded appointment of experienced and qualified persons to lead the organs.

In recent weeks, Kabul has been the scene of a number of landmine explosions and targeted killings on a daily basis.

Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) executive director Mohammad Yousaf Rashid was killed by unidentified gunmen in a latest targeted attack.

One policeman was killed and two others injured when a magnetic bomb attached to their vehicle exploded on Wednesday morning.

Mehdi Rasikh, a Wolesi Jirga member from central MaidanWardak province, referring to the targeted assassinations and sticky bomb blasts, said the assassinations and attacks were taking place in contrast to the 6:30 meetings. “If they cannot provide security, they should stop the Facebook fuss”.

Since more than two months, vice president AmrullahSaleh has been in charge of security in Kabul and he holds daily meetings at 6:30 with officials from various institutions in this regard.

Allah Gul Mujahid, a lawmaker from Kabul said there is no security in Kabul and in the current situation, people should ensure their own security.

He said government officials were busy in their own issues and had forgotten about security in Kabul.

Referring to the death of Yusuf Rashid, Khan Agha Rezaei, another Kabul MP, said, Rashid’s death was a great tragedy for civil society. As soon as possible such cases should be investigated, he said.

A number of other lawmakers also expressed concern about the security situation in Kabul.

Wolesi Jirga speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani directed the house Internal Security Commission to seriously investigate Rashid’s killing.

According to him, insecurity and targeted assassinations in Kabul were increasing day by day and had a severe psychological impact on people.

He called on the president to reconsider security officials in Kabul and replace them with experienced and committed individuals.

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