• publish: 18 October 2017
  • time: 6:04 pm
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MPs: Government and intelligence forces weak and peace talks are “hollow beliefs”

Reacting to yesterday’s deadly attacks in several provinces of Afghanistan leaving dozens killed and more than hundred others wounded, Afghan parliamentarians harshly criticized the intelligence forces.

“It is a pity that more than four-hundred people were killed or wounded in a day. This is a catastrophe and the government and intelligence forces are weak,” Member of Parliament (MP) Sadeqi Nilizada criticized.

Another lawmaker criticized the peace process with the Taliban insurgent groups and called it “hollow beliefs”.

“For many years we have created fake beliefs that we can make peace with the terrorists,” MP Zakarya Zakarya said.

In addition, a number of lawmakers urged the government not to expect peace from Pakistan.

“All attacks were planned by Pakistan. Kabul should not joint in peace meetings where Pakistan is involved and I request from the government of Afghanistan to cut its diplomatic ties with Pakistan at least for one week,” MP Shukria Hashimi insisted.

At the same time, the Parliament Speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi called on the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders to develop a new plan in order to create a “political consensus” for alignment and the national unity.

These reactions come after the Taliban insurgent group on Thursday carried out several attacks on Paktia, Ghazni, Nangarhar and Kabul provinces which left at least 80 people dead and nearly 300 wounded.

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