• publish: 8 January 2022
  • time: 3:19 pm
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Mulla Baradar: International community should help Afghanistan unbiasly

Mulla Baradar, the Islamic Emirate deputy prime minister, called on the world and international donors to help Afghanistan unbiasly.

He added the international community should do it`s humanitarian obligations.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in a video clip on Friday said that the world must put an end to “brutal sanctions” and do their parts in addressing what he called a critical situation.

Baradar said that it was the time for the world to put apart politics and do their parts on basis of humanity.

“Ongoing sanctions on Afghanistan on the one hand, on the other hand, no infrastructure has been carried out so that the people of Afghanistan could make use of that for living and now the floods have adversely affected lives of hundreds of people.” Said Baradar.

Meanwhile, the Deputy PM assured people of full preparedness of IEA in addressing the effects of natural disasters and that provincial authorities across Afghanistan have been directed to deliver aids to the victims of recent floods and avalanches.

It comes as recent snow and rainfall that are yet to be ended have claimed lives of people and inflicted heavy financial loss.

As the freezing winter, heavy snow, and rainfall that triggered floods continue to affect the lives of tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has asked the International community and humanitarian agencies not to forget these people and provide them with urgent relief assistance.

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