• publish: 23 March 2016
  • time: 10:53 am
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Dissident Taliban:

‘Mullah Rasool has not been detained in Pakistan’

Shortly after reports emerged regarding the arrest of top Taliban dissident leader Mullah Mohammad Rasool in Pakistan, his deputy rejected the reports as ‘enemy propaganda’.

Mullah Rasool’s deputy Mullah Abdul Manan Niazi has said Mullah Rasool is in Afghanistan and leading his fighters.

Niazi further added that his group’s survival did not depend on one leader. “Our resistance will not stop with the arrest or killing of Mullah Rasoul or any other leader,” he told Reuters.

Rasool is a senior Taliban leader and arch rival to the successor of the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar whose death was confirmed last year.

Reports regarding his mysterious arrest raised questions regarding the preference of ‘Good and Bad Terrorists’ as Mullah Rasool had rejected to participate in the talks led by Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, calling it an effort dictated by the Pakistani government.

Rasool appeared to have a moderate thinking towards the reconciliation process but was strongly opposing with Mullah Mansoor’s appointment as Taliban supreme leader

However, two senior Pakistani officials have also confirmed that Rasool is not in their custody and told Reuters “Our last information is that he fled infighting in Afghanistan.”

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