• publish: 7 October 2019
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Mullah Tarakhail refuses to appear before AGO

A former lawmaker accused of mistreating the Afghan Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs has refused to appear before a prosecutor in the Attorney General Office despite being summoned, nearly a month ago.

A media has obtained documents showing that a case file has been opened against Mullah Tarakhail for allegedly beating Abdul Hakim Munib the Minister of Hajj inside the mosque of presidential palace.

Last month, Mr. Munib claimed that he has been mistreated, insulted and physically attacked by Mullah Tarakhail and some of his family members during a Friday prayer.

However, Mr. Tarakhail rejected the claim of a physical clash, saying they engaged in verbal clashes after the Minister refused to listen to his legitimate demands.

The Attorney General Office (AGO) has opened dozens of case files including murder, sexual abuse and corruption cases against strongmen in Afghanistan but the progress faced with deadlocks.

AGO Spokesperson Jamshid Rasooli said that a warrant has been issued for the relevant authorities to appear him before the AGO for further investigations but he has failed so far.

In addition, there was no progress in the case file against Keramuddin Karim, the former head of Afghanistan’s national football federation who is accused of sexually abusing female player for several years.

An arrest warrant was issued for Mr. Karim several months ago, but Karim’s whereabouts is still unknown.

However, AGO Spokesperson said Karim’s case filed is finalized and is awaiting a decision of the courts.

The culture of impunity and political influences are said to be the main causes for the delay of such cases.

Abdul Subhan Musbah, an Afghan lawyer believes that the judicial organs are not able to implement justice over strongmen but officials are boasting that everyone is equal in the eyes of law.

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