• publish: 13 September 2020
  • time: 10:53 am
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Nadiri: During Intra-Afghan talks, ceasefire was a top priority

Sayed Saddat Mansoor Nadiri, State Minister for Peace Affairs, said the primary demand by the Afghan government is a comprehensive ceasefire during the intra-Afghan talks held in Qatari capital Doha.

Nadiri said the first and primary demand by Afghan negotiation team is a comprehensive ceasefire in Afghanistan.

“Peace is a wish for all Afghan people,” he added.

“Today is (a representation of) a positive pace for the Afghan nation towards achieving peace,” Nadiri exclaimed. “Really, it is a wish for all Afghans to obtain peace with dignity and permanent.”

Meanwhile, Nadiri stressed the need for comprehensive ceasefire, saying peace will hopefully contribute to trust-building of both parties, the Afghan government and the Taliban.

It is an undeniable wish for people to live in an environment where people would embrace each other peacefully, rather than killing each other, he elaborated.

It came at a time both Afghan negotiation team and the Taliban delegation, including a number of international allies, came together in Doha Saturday to mark the initial meeting on Afghan peace.

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