• publish: 9 November 2015
  • time: 10:57 pm
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Nangarhar students protest against government, raise Taliban, Daesh Flags

Much to the surprise of officials, some Nangarhar university students staged a rally against the government on Sunday while raising Taliban, IS and Hizb-e-Islami flags.

The protesting students – many of them wearing masks used by Taliban and Daesh – said they were tired of the government and they want an Islamic Emirate – referring to Daesh or Taliban-style so-called Islamic ruling.

They said the reason for their protest was rise in corruption, failure to address students’ complains and the poor management in the university.

“We are tired of democracy, we want Islamic caliphate, we want a fair caliphate and an Islamic system,” a protestor said, chanting anti-government slogans.

The footages went viral on social media shows the students that can hardly be differentiated from militant groups due to wearing Taliban and Daesh masks.

“We have staged this protest to get our rights,” another protesting student said.

But the University chancellor, Babrak Meyakhail, rejected the claims of students over poor management as baseless.

“Demands beyond the university are not acceptable at all,” Meyakhail said. “But the other issues you mentioned must be addressed by the relevant organizations.”

However the unprecedented move has led to strong criticism of the students who are deemed country’s future.

“Unfortunately, extremism is on the rise for several years in the country,” MP Sayed Abdul Qayum Sajjadi. “If the issue is not curbed, it will leave worst consequences.”

However this is not the first time that the residents and the students are staging protests under the flags of militant groups.

Speculations suggest that militant groups can easily recruit soldiers from these students.

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