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Narcotic is a gradual death, Anti-Narcotics Minister says

Afghanistan Anti-Narcotic Minister, Salamat Azimi, described narcotics and drugs as gradual death, and called for a collective campaign to cope with the evil.

Speaking at a press conference here, Mrs. Salamat Azimi, minister for Anti-Narcotics stressed for a collective campaign to fight with the evil of narcotics and drugs to assure a healthy future for society and the children.

Afghan Ministry of Anti-Narcotics in cooperation with some civil entities held a gathering in Capital of Kabul on Tuesday to inform people on many disadvantages of drugs.

“Afghan Farmers cultivating drugs are not due to disadvantages, but people of Afghanistan using the products,” the minister said at the gathering, adding that the anti-narcotics campaign should turn to a nationwide activity.

Rolla Ghani, Afghan first lady, who was present during the gathering also called for a nationwide campaign to fight the evil of drugs, and said all those who can should fight with drugs to their affordable extent.

“Drugs destroy the foundation of the families and increase the violence,” she said.

In recent months, ministry of anti-narcotics along with religious scholars, civil entities and governmental institutions has been placing variety of programs to inform people of the disadvantages of the drugs.

However, despite the campaign, cultivation and usage of the drugs were not only decreased but widely increased.

Fatana Gilani, chief of Afghanistan women network, who was also present during the session criticized government’s functionality to act against the drug using in the country and said “the number of drug addicts has increased remarkably comparing to that of the ten years ago.”

She notified that the cultivation and smuggling of the drugs are in the hands of mafia, and to fight against the issue is a big deal.

Habiba Wahaj, Advisor to the vice president, also taking part in the gathering termed the drug using as a social issue that can’t be solved individually, and a public awareness is needed.

She believes that all the individual and generations of the community should be invited to cope with the issue.

She called on all religious scholars, writers and civil entities to bring up the issue in their daily routines to inform people of the disadvantages of the drug evils.

There are nearly three million drug addicts inclusive of 2.9 percent of the number being youths in the country, according to a consensus published by ministry of anti-narcotics.





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