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NATO, alliances to support Afghan peace talks

NATO and its partners will support Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) by three financial funds, one of which is the national army’s contribution fund.

Recently, NATO Secretary General (SG) Yens Stoltenberg has said that the Taliban wouldn’t succeed on battlegrounds and they should find a political solution to end war in Afghanistan.
He stressed that all NATO alliances will support US efforts on restoring peace in Afghanistan. 
NATO’s secretary general added that his organization would continue supporting Afghan security forces and would ensure their expenditures by 2024. 
“Presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan depends on the peace agreement that will be signed between the involved sides,” he went on to say. 
A two-day meeting expected to be attended by NATO’s 29 member states’ defense ministers in the organization’s headquarters in Brussels will also discuss peace and security in Afghanistan. 
NATO and its partners will support Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) by three financial funds, one of which is the national army’s contribution fund.
According to NATO officials, the donor countries have assisted $2.800 bln by May 15, 2019 to the fund. 
NATO member states hope Afghanistan reaches a peace agreement before holding presidential elections and call their forces’ presence in accordance with it.
Besides, NATO defense ministers are expected to extend their continued commitments to Afghanistan, particularly in term of further strengthening of ANDSF and security entities. 
Stressing on efforts ongoing to restore lasting peace and form a regional consensus, experts say that the Taliban should negotiate with the government of Afghanistan and all superpowers, regional countries and international organizations should cooperate in this regard. 
An expert Amir Mohammad believes that the Taliban want the foreign forces to pullout from Afghanistan, therefore, if it is done, all financial and humanitarian expenditures of the international community and people of Afghanistan spent over the last year would go in vain. 
He added if the world countries want to restore sustaining peace in Afghanistan and protect the achievements made over the last eighteen years, should pressure the Taliban supporter countries so they join peace process. 
A political expert Aminzoy said that the Taliban should reach an agreement with the government of Afghanistan to end the ongoing war in the country and then the international community and government decide about international forces’ mission procedure. 
He added no political agreement would succeed in absence of the Afghan government. This comes as based on the Taliban sources with an international media, they are committed not to allow Daesh and al-Qaeda groups to organize attacks against other countries through Afghanistan. Taliban sources told Reuters Agency that they have agreed upon an agreement’s draft with the US which will help pave the way to end war in Afghanistan. 
This is while that efforts are ongoing in regional and international levels to ensure peace in Afghanistan, and it will come true with foreign interferences to be cut in the country’s affairs.

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