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NATO envoy: Afghan women’s rights not negotiable

UN mission in Afghanistan also called for protection of women’s rights in the peace process.

On the 20th anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan, Stefano Pontecorvo, said Afghan women’s rights is not negotiable and that a durable peace should protect these rights.

“Women’s rights and women’s inclusion is not optional or negotiable. It is the most powerful tool to reach peace and to make it last. NATO stands with the women of Afghanistan to advance lasting peace that benefit all Afghans,” he said. 

The NATO envoy said that Afghan women have been on the forefront of change in Afghanistan for the better and they serve in the security forces, civil society and politics, as journalists, academics, activists and so on.

“Their contribution to society has forever changed the face of Afghanistan,” Pontecorvo said. “Durable peace must build on their achievements, protect their rights and provide a solid platform for Afghan women to keep fighting for equality.”

The 20th anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 coincides with a pivotal point in history for women and peace in Afghanistan. 

As we mark the anniversary, we are reminded that international peace and security are closely linked to equality among people of all genders. Today we celebrate the achievements of Afghan women peace builders and reaffirm our pledge to support their future.

The UN mission in Afghanistan in a statement on the anniversary said that as political and community leaders, decision-makers, influencers, human rights defenders and visionaries, Afghan women play myriad and important roles in community cohesion, conflict prevention and peacebuilding. 

“We urge the men of Afghanistan to champion actions that help reduce the impact of insecurity and violence on women. It is critical to remember that the Women, Peace and Security agenda is not an agenda about making conflicts safer for women –it is about ending conflict,” the statement said.  

“We reiterate our enduring support for the women and men on the negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan who are championing the rights of women,” the statement added. “We support the many calls that the gains Afghan women have made towards participation in political, economic and social life must be preserved.”

The UN said that it is the responsibility of all Afghans, as well as international and regional partners, to ensure that universal human rights for all are protected and further strengthened through the peace process.

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