• publish: 6 February 2019
  • time: 4:45 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 6917

NATO heads of state to meet in London this year

NATO heads of state and government would meet in London at the end of the year, the alliance chief said on Wednesday

“I am pleased to announce that allies have agreed the next meeting of NATO heads of state and government will take place in London in December,” Jean Stoltenberg said.

In statement, he added: “We are grateful to the UK for agreeing to host this meeting in NATO’s 70th anniversary year. London was home to NATO’s first headquarters,” he recalled.

The United Kingdom was one of NATO’s 12 founding members and continued to play a key role in the alliance, making essential contributions to shared security, he said.

The meeting would provide an opportunity for allied heads of state to address present and future security challenges and to ensure NATO continued to adapt to keep its population of almost one billion people safe. 

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