• publish: 21 July 2020
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NATO: Taliban violence absolutely unacceptable

The NATO Senion Civilian Representative in Afghanistan Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo described the Taliban-led violence as unacceptable as efforts are underway to find a negotiated political settlement to the war in the country.

“I would say that now the main obstacle to peace now is the unacceptable level of violence from the part of Taliban. This has been mentioned by everybody who takes an interesting Afghanistan and beyond,” Ambassador Pontecorvo said.

He also added “Taliban’s level of violence are absolutely unacceptable, they are not creating the conditions for getting the Peace table. Taliban have to demonstrate that they are serious about peace, I mean fighting and talking is not an option also because you have a lot of Casualties, the ANDSF which are showing their worth they are getting better and better by the day and already very very good.”

“They have the wants that have driven the Taliban to the negotiating table as they have demonstrated that there is no possibility for the Taliban to win this war. And the violence has to go down. Its confidence-building measures, which there are no conditions to get to the peace” Ambassador Pontecorvo added.

“But as the situation, creating a situation, which will make us to look to the Taliban and make the Afghan government look to the Taliban as more crosswordly progress and then there is the part of the tragic Casualties on both sides, both of the Taliban side, on the ANDSF side and the civilians who are in it,” he said, adding that “But as I say when there are levels of violence unfortunately civilians die and that is not simple.”

This comes as Washington and Taliban signed a peace deal late in February this year in a bid to end the 19-year war in the country, mainly focusing on the launch of intra-Afghan peace talks.

However, the Taliban group has increased attacks across the country during the recent weeks and months, launching major attacks against the security forces which also inflicted heavy casualties on ordinary civilians, according to Afghan officials.

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