• publish: 30 August 2015
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New construction projects inaugurated in Badakhshan province   

The Ministry of Urban Development Affairs of Afghanistan (MUDA) inaugurated new as well as completed urban development projects in the remote northeastern Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.

The projects were inaugurated during Urban Development Affairs Minister Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi’s visit to this province.

The inauguration of construction work of the first private town and the newly built building of the provincial urban development directorate were among the two major projects inaugurated during his first day of visit.

The new building of the urban development directorate in Badakhshan province has been completed with the financial help of Germany, according to MUDA.

The construction work of the first private town – Makhdoom Esmatullah town also kicked off with the formal inauguration after the legal formalities of the town was completed with the relevant government institutions including the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs.

According to the ministry, the town will house 200 residential plots and will cover 65 acres of land in Dasht-e-Qarq in Faizabad, the capital city of Badakhshan province.

Mr. Naderi will also visit the project sites as well as water reservoirs and will review the problems and challenges facing the urban development sector in this province.

A delegation of high level government officials including provincial governor Shahwali Adeeb, head of the provincial council Abdullah Naji, provincial urban development director Eng. Tahir Yaqoobi, Lawmaker Amanullah Paiman representing Badakhshan in the Afghan parliament, Director of the Municipalities in Independent Directorate of the Local Governance Abdul Baqi Popal, Director of the Water Company Dad Mohammad Baheer and Economic Advisor to Urban Development Ministry Amir Hamza Sahrahi.

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