• publish: 30 January 2016
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New video shows growing rifts among Taliban rival factions

A new video reportedly recorded in Faryab province shows that a Taliban local commander Sayed Hashim Hashemi accuses Taliban’s new leader Mullah Akhter Mansour of having plotted the murder of the group’s longtime leader Mullah Omar.

In the video, he warns Mullah Mansour of a severe response.

The Taliban split into several factions after reports emerged that the group’s reclusive leader Mullah Omar had died two and half years ago in Pakistan, an announcement which sparked an internal power struggle, allegedly leading to a split.  Tolo News reported.

“We do not have affiliation to the government, but we hear that ISI (Pakistan’s military intelligence) is reconciling among them (Mullah Mansour faction plus government). This is a war of politics and the entire people know it. You will soon see the collapse of the entire Faryab province and people will join us.

Because Mullah Rasoul is our elder and their’s (rival faction) is Akhter Mansour who works under ISI,” Sayed Hashim Hashemi said.

“Akhter Mansour is the killer of Mullah Mohammad Omar. Mullah Rasoul is a Mujahid and the whole world knows this. But Akhter Mansour is the killer of Mullah Mohammad Omar. Akhter Mansour is a branch of Pakistan’s ISI. Our elders have announced their disagreements against him. The people maintain rights on us in Islamic perspective and according to Sharia law and human rights,” he says in the video.

Despite such contradictions, so far none of the groups have given the green light to negotiate with the government and both have continued their armed attacks against the government.

The new video is the second of its kind after Mansour’s rival faction refused to pledge their allegiance to him at a gathering reportedly held in Farah province a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the Afghan security institutions have reiterated that the security forces will continue to fight any insurgent group including the Taliban.

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