• publish: 16 March 2020
  • time: 11:35 am
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Afghan political leaders:

No challenge should affect Afghanistan peace process

Political leaders and prominent national figures sat together on Saturday in the residence of the High Peace Council chief, Karim Khalili, to discuss the ongoing political unrest.

A statement by Karim Khalili said, “Afghanistan is in the whirl of tough, and at the same time promising, circumstances. It is a national and historical responsibility to work for a trajectory out of these circumstances and restore permanent peace and stability in the country.”

It further added, “With emphasis on formation of an authoritative body to lead the peace process and to consolidate all political viewpoints in important national issues, we, the participants of this gathering, declare the following decisions vis-à-vis peace and election results;”

“First, peace is deemed as a fundamental need and existential priority for Afghanistan. Therefore, no challenge should put negative impact on this process and debilitates its progress. Rather, all political stakeholders should make efforts to accelerate the peace process. We believe peace process will be a success if it is led and owned by Afghans.

Second, the delegation of intra-Afghan negotiations should be national and inclusive of all competent, unworthy and sage people and all national and political fronts. An attempt to unilaterally build the delegation will not help the national reconciliation process, but presents it with new problems.

Third, we have delegated a team to work on a comprehensive, all-inclusive and acceptable-to-all negotiation delegation. We expect all political stakeholders to join us in enriching and strengthening comprehensiveness of this negotiating force. Fourth, the national crisis resulting from election fraud has affected the national process of peace and could degenerate into further chaos. This issue should be resolved in a reasonable and wise manner through dialogue and reconciliation in tandem with Afghanistan’s national interest to persuade the nation of a conclusive outcome of their vote.

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