• publish: 21 August 2021
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No permission given to US, NATO for their in and out: Atta Noor

Previous Afghan northern balkh Governor Atta Mohammad Noor says the US and NATO forces barged into the country without Afghans’ permission some 20 year ago have now left the country with the same condition also without permission.

Atta Mohammad Noor in a video published via his Facebook account said 20 years ago the US and all NATO forces came into Afghanistan without Afghans’ permission and now that have achieved their goals left the country also without Afghans’ permission.    

Atta Noor along with Marshal Dostum was leading national mobilization forces against Taliban in northern Balkh province before the Taliban fighters took control of the country.   

“Foreigners came into our country and imposed a mercenary government upon people of Afghanistan who did nothing but moved the country toward crisis.” He added.

He referred Ashraf Ghani’s government as only a three-person-republic where Ashraf Ghani was on the head and Mohib and Fazli were the two others who had all the powers in the government.

Atta emphasized that in Ghani’s government, even his deputies had no authorities and they were just acting as if they had some power.

Regarding Balkh’s fall to the Taliban fighters he said that a great conspiracy was set up in which even one single weapon was not handed over to their mobilization forces and the whole army corps fell within 10 minutes without even a single shot.

Claiming that Taliban has not changed and are just showing off these days, Atta Noor said either Taliban will accept an inclusive government acceptable to all Afghan people and respect everyone’s rights or his fight against them will continue.    

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