• publish: 2 October 2021
  • time: 1:35 pm
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No place, street would name after people since now on: Taliban

According to a new policy, no public place including streets or squares would name after people since now on, Taliban official Said.

Moezuddin Ahmadi a spokesman for the Taliban in northern Badakhshan province told Hakimi, Raha Press reporter that according to a new policy, from now on, no public place including streets or any squares would name after people.

All depicts and banners of Afghan leaders would be removed as it had raised many disputes among people in the past, Ahmadi added.

The spokesperson for Taliban governor in Badakhshan also said according to this policy, they have changed the name of a famous square in the province.

Previously the square named after “General Nazir Mohammad Nizai” a local uprising commander who fought against Taliban fighters. The new name for the square is “Estiqhlal”, a Farsi translation to “Independence”.  

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