• publish: 27 April 2019
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The Afghanistan acting minister of defense:

Nothing can dismantle Afghanistan’s army

Asadullah Khalid, the acting minister of defense, said the Afghan forces want a “dignified” peace in the country and that nothing can “dismantle” Afghanistan’s army.

Addressing a gathering of Afghan Special Forces in which the US and NATO’s Resolute Support Forces Commander in Afghanistan Gen. Scott Miller also attended, he added “We have repeated many times that we support any move which results in peace, but the peace should be dignified which will retain the achievements of the past 18 years and with preserving the champion Army of Afghanistan.”  

Khalid assured the Afghan forces that they will own the peace as they have the duty to defend the country against any threats by the militants. 

“Defending Afghanistan is our duty, from every corner of Afghanistan and nothing exists which will lead to dismantling of our Army or lead to a peace which is defined by them (Taliban),” he said.

“Peace will be owned by the soldiers who are sacrificing for the country every day.”    

He called on Afghan politicians to avoid “interference” in military affairs. 

“We have asked politicians not to interfere in our affairs and we, based on the Afghan law, remain committed to avoiding interference in their affairs,” he said.

“I hope that nothing from these rumors will affect your activities.” 

Meanwhile, he vowed to release all members of Commando Forces members who are in militant’s custody.

“We will leave no stone unturned to release those in custody,” Khalid reiterated.  

Khalid rejected the rumors which say Taliban is equipped with state-of-the-art weapons. 

“The enemies speared lies that they have laser-guided weapons and night vision goggles. Don’t trust them. They have none of these weaponries.” Khalid said.

“Nothing of these things are true. The only thing which is exists is that you are the champions and you are defending every corner of Afghanistan. They have neither laser nor the night vision goggles.”    

Khalid said that he appreciates the support of the Resolute Support forces with their Afghan counterparts. 

He said the RS forces supported the Afghan soldiers in their operation to rescue the 53 people from Taliban prison in Uruzgan province on Friday. 

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