• publish: 12 July 2015
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Iran’s Secretary of the Expediency Council:

Obama should take courageous decision to resolve Iran’s nuclear issue

US President Barack Obama should take courageous decision to resolve Iran’s nuclear issue, Iran’s Secretary of the Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaie said.

Speaking in a live TV program on Saturday night, he added that US has no choice but to make a deal with Iran.

Rezaie underlined that negotiations could be extended because US negotiators are under internal politics’ pressure.

American officials are not able to attack Iran and in the meantime, they are not able to intensify sanctions, therefore they have to make a deal with Tehran, he underlined.
Rezaie asserted that US officials seek to disarm Iran by proposing the issue of its ballistic missiles and such measures have doubled Iran’s suspicion of US intentions.

US President Barack Obama aims to remove Iran’s sanctions and compensate the past mistakes but he is under Republicans, Zionists and some democrats’ pressure, he noted.

Rezaie referred to the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and world powers as the war of words.

Now, its time for president Obama to take a courageous decision and make a good deal with Iran, he said.

Rezaie added that nation supports the negotiating team but expects them to consider the red lines in the final deal.

He urged the US sides of talks to take the negotiations serious, adding that Iran wants immediate removal of sanctions against its banking system.

In line with the international rules and regulations, Iran will not allow inspectors to visit its military sites, Rezaie noted.

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