• publish: 10 September 2020
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On sexual abuse charges, US calls for ex-Afghan football chief’s arrest

The United States has called for Keramuddin Karim, the former president of the Afghanistan Football Federation, to be arrested and prosecuted so that justice can prevail.

The US Chargé d’Affaires Ross Wilson said on Twitter Thursday that as FIFA found Keramuddin Karim guilty of sexual abuse the US calls “for justice for the brave Afghan women of Afghanistanwnt who risked their lives to come forward & for the Afghan judicial system to run its course.”

“Victims are entitled to see justice done through a fair trial,” he said. 

This comes after an unsuccessful police operation to arrest Keram in Panjshir province last month. 

At the time of the operation, a standoff between police and Keram’s gunmen ensued, with police eventually pulling back without having made the arrest. 

Following the incident, Mohammad Amin Sediqi, the acting governor of Panjshir said local officials had not been consulted before the attempted arrest. 

In July, President Ashraf Ghani called on the people of Panjshir to “expel” Keram from the province and “enforce the rule of law.”

“I will suspend and help prosecute any official engaged in corruption or abuse of authority, no matter where or at what location,” Ghani said.

Last year, the Afghan attorney general’s office issued an arrest warrant for Keram, after he was found guilty by FIFA of sexually abusing female football players. 

FIFA also slapped him with a lifetime ban from football and fined him about $1 million. 

In June last year, FIFA said Keram had “abused his position and sexually abused various female players, in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics.”

However, following last month’s failed attempt to arrest Keram, no further developments have transpired.

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