• publish: 29 November 2015
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One 3rd of Afghan children under age of five die of malnutrition annually

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with Afghan Ministries of Public Health, Agriculture and Education launched “National Food Based Dietary Guidelines” (NFBDG) in order to improve nutrition system in Afghanistan.

FAO representative in Afghanistan Tomio Shichier during a session held here to announce the program said malnutrition disorders natural growing and will result in some abnormalities in adulthood.

“One third of Afghan children under age of five die of malnutrition annually,” said Shichier.

He furthered that the NFBDG initiative will result in improvement of ones’ body as well as ones’ minds.

“Malnutrition hampers political, economic and cultural growths of any country,” said Afghan Ministry of Public Health Feroziddin Feroz, adding that “In addition to these social disadvantages, it can cause diseases such as Hypertention, Diabetes, Cardiac, obesity and Jaundice.”

He also added that malnutrition is not caused by poverty but lack of knowledge and cultural poverty can let the phenomenon to pose.

Afghan minister of public health furthered that 25 percent of Afghan children suffer underweight, 10 percent suffer malnutrition, 30 percent from low Iodine, 45 percent from lower vitamin D and 50 percent suffer lower vitamin A.

He blamed the cause on the lack of knowledge in healthy nutrition.

He asked all United Nation’s related entities to help Afghanistan cope with the issue.


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