• publish: 14 October 2019
  • time: 6:55 pm
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Presidential elections:

Over 1.7m biometrically verified votes transferred to central server

The Independent Election Commission officials on Monday announced that the commission has transferred more than 1.7 million biometrically verified votes into central server.

Rahima Zarefi, a member of the Independent Election Commission told reporters that the commission has so far transferred 1,737,087 biometrically votes to central server.

Zarefi further added that the votes belonged to 22,588 polling stations from across the country and the commission will soon transfer the votes of the remaining 3,980 polling stations.

However, she said the numbers provided by the commission are not final and it is possible that some changes may occur in the numbers.

The election commission had earlier announced that 2.6 million voters had cast their votes during last month’s presidential elections.

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