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Over Behsud incident, Maidan Wardak police chief suspended

Maidan Wardak police chief Allah Dad Fedaee was suspended and referred to the Attorney General’s Office over the Behsud incident, in which 11 civilians were killed and 31 more were wounded, according to the Interior Ministry.

The ministry in a statement said that it has completed its investigation into the incident, which involved a probe carried out by a team assigned by the government last week.

Those wounded in the incident will be provided free treatment by the ministry, the statement said, adding that government offices in Behsud district will be operational again.

The incident occurred at the end of last month when a protest by Behsud residents outside the district police headquarters turned violent and 11 civilians were killed, according to the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

The ministry has blamed fighters loyal to a local commander, Alipoor, for turning the protest violent.

The probe team assigned by the government has completed its investigation, but it has not shared its findings with the public.