• publish: 23 January 2018
  • time: 1:49 pm
  • category: International
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Pak Ulema chief slams Afghan Ulemas for their stance against Pakistan

Pakistan Ulema council chief Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi has harshly criticized Afghan leaders and Afghan Ulemas for their stance against Pakistan.   


According to the Pakistani local media report, Mr. Ashrafi has criticized the Afghan President for his stance against Pakistan and for hurling allegations regarding the safe havens of the terror groups, Khaama press wrote.

Ashraf has reportedly said that the Afghan President should take actions against the Afghan Uelmas for their failure to issue proper Fatwas in accordance with the situation of the country.

He also slammed the Afghan Ulemas for their stance against Pakistan and has accused them of issuing Jihad (Holy War) Fatwa against Pakistan.

This comes as the Afghan President had earlier reacted at the Fatwa issued by the Pakistani Ulemas in which they had called armed insurgency and suicide attacks as illegitimate inside Pakistan.

President Ghani said last week that the principles of Islam applies around the globe and all Islamic nations which was supposed to cover Afghanistan as well and cannot be limited to a specific geography.

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