• publish: 14 October 2021
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Cites Islamic Emirate’s ‘heavy handed’ interference

Pakistan airlines suspends flights to Kabul

The Islamic Emirate wants the airline to reduce the ticket price.

Pakistan International Airlines on Thursday suspended flights to Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, citing “heavy handed” interference by Islamic Emirate authorities, including arbitrary rule changes for flight carriers and intimidation of staff.

The Islamic Emirate also warned Pakistan International Airlines and Afghan air carrier Kam Air to reduce the fare of flight tickets.

The Islamic Emirate of Taliban transport ministry said that the route should “be adjusted to correspond with the conditions of a ticket before the victory of the Islamic Emirate” or the flights would be stopped.

The Pakistan International Airlines had been selling a ticket to Kabul from Islamabad for Rs 1.88 lakh. Earlier, the ticket was priced between Rs 9,000 and Rs 11,500.

The Islamic Emirate of Taliban seized control of Afghanistan on August 15 in a lightning offensive as the United States and its allies pulled out its troops after a 20-year-war. The group’s return to power triggered turmoil in the country, with thousands making desperate attempts to leave the country from Kabul airport.

The Pakistan International Airlines was the only air carrier that had been operating flights to Kabul regularly after August 31, when the Western countries left Afghanistan.

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