• publish: 7 March 2018
  • time: 1:54 pm
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Pakistan arrests ISIS social media operator in Karachi

Pakistani Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) said that it has arrested the social media operator of the ISIS terror group somewhere in Karachi city of the country.

The sources inside Pakistani Federal Investigation Authority on Wednesday stated that social media network of the global terrorist organization ISIS was being operated from the area near Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Pakistan today reported.

This revelation was made by the arrested suspected terrorist of Daesh, Saif-ul-Islam Khilafati.

According to FIA sources, Khilafati further said that social media is run by another terrorist Baba Jani. “A special software was developed so that our social media activities cannot be traced back to us,” the suspected terrorist said.

On March 6, Khilafati was arrested from Karachi by FIA’s terrorist wing. He belongs to Zhob area of Balochistan and was operating social media section of the banned terrorist organisation in Pakistan to target and brainwash youth active on social media, FIA told media.

He and another terrorist Khalil-ur-Rehman were brought to social media handling by an individual named Maulvi Noor Muhammad, FIA sources added.

Khilafati was running 50 social media pages in Pakistan to lure the youth for terrorist activities. He was presented before the court on Tuesday where the judge handed him over to FIA on two-day physical remand.

The investigation officer told the court that FIA will file a complete charge-sheet after the forensic report is received.

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