• publish: 19 September 2015
  • time: 1:41 pm
  • category: International
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Pakistan claim Air force base attack was organized in Afghanistan

Pakistani Inter-Services Director General Asim Bajwa said that the Badaber attack by a splinter Taliban group was planned in and operated from Afghanistan.

The Pakistani official said the attackers were part of a splinter group of the Taliban and had come to Pakistan from Afghanistan.

He added that the attack was planned in Afghanistan and was also being controlled from Afghanistan.

He said that the Pakistan intelligence agencies were working on the information intercepts of the terrorists.

He said that the terrorists resorted to firing while entering the premises, armed with rocket launchers and grenades, adding that the personnel in the guard room gave a befitting response to them.

He clarified that the attackers were only able to penetrate 50 metres into the PAF facility and were unable to permeate further.

He further said that after entering the site the terrorists divided into groups – one group headed towards the administration area, while the other group proceeded towards the technical area.

Bajwa went on to say that eight of the militants advanced towards a mosque where worshipers were preparing for Fajr prayers. He said that 15 people inside the mosque and seven others in the ablution area were killed.

He said that within 10 minutes the quick response force reached the camp site and began their operation.

He emphasised that the terrorists were trying to hide behind vehicles running between the parking bay and most of them were killed in that area.


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