• publish: 5 August 2020
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Government delegation completed investigating Pakistani shelling

Pakistan has never had good intention toward Afghanistan

Afghans criticize President Ghani for not responding seriously to Pakistan’s shelling on Afghan soil.

A high-ranking Afghan government delegation sent to investigate the recent clash between Afghan and Pakistani forces at the Chaman crossing in Spin Boldak said Tuesday that their investigations have ended, and the results will be shared with the central government.

Members of the delegation say Pakistan has never had good intentions towards Afghanistan.

“We want good relations with all countries and we want good relations with neighbors, and regarding the Boldak incident, we have collected our investigations and will share them with the media once it is done,” said Siddiqullah Fahim, the delegation head and deputy head of the NSC.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense says that to prevent further tension with the Pakistani military, fresh forces have been deployed along the Durand Line in the Spin Boldak district.

“These problems exist sometimes and there are bad intentions, but we are always ready to defend our land,” said General Iqbal Ali Naderi, the Afghan army’s deputy chief of staff.

The Kandahar residents, meanwhile, are urging the central government to respond strongly to any aggression by Pakistani forces.

“This is how you see our people being treated, and we call on the government to stop such actions,” said Attiqullah Sahraye, tribal elder.

“The number of people defending the homeland is very small, but if we look at the general level, we have not yet seen anything from the government to solve such problems, and we have always witnessed such incidents,” said Mawlavi Manzoor, a former Taliban commander.

At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that the Spin Boldak crossing has been opened to travelers, but it is not clear whether this crossing is temporarily or permanently open.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has also urged the need for a diplomatic solution to the tensions that emerged in the wake of recent clashes in Spin Boldak district.

The Spin Boldak clash left at least 15 Afghan civilians dead and 80 more wounded.

In the meantime, a number of Afghan citizens have criticized President Ghani for not taking the issue of Pakistan’s shelling on Afghan soil seriously.

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