• publish: 22 August 2020
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Pakistan put sanctions on Mulla Bradar

In a bid to avoid being demoted from the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) grey list, Pakistan on Friday imposed sanctions on “terrorists” and “terrorist associated groups”, including Qatar-based Taliban political affairs chief, Mullah Abdul Baradar.

Baradar negotiated and signed a landmark peace deal with the United States in February in Doha, Qatar, to end the 19-year-long war. 

According to Pakistan media reports, the government also seized bank accounts and assets belonging to terrorists in the country. The sanctions also include an international travel ban. 

Eighty-eight individuals were sanctioned and had been listed by the United Nations recently, Dawn News reported.

 In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said: “The sanctions are being implemented by Pakistan in compliance with the relevant UNSC resolutions and we hope that other countries will also follow suit.” 

The directives are contained in a “statutory notification” (SRO) that was published by the foreign ministry on its website earlier in the week but didn’t draw public attention until Friday.

The notification explained “the federal government is pleased to order that the (UNSC) Resolution 2255 (2015) be fully implemented including in particular that individuals and entities listed … shall stand subjected to the asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo in accordance with the aforesaid resolutions.”

This notification comes ahead of the crucial FATF meeting in October which will see the force assess Pakistan’s progress in fighting crimes such as money laundering and terror financing. 

Pakistan has long been accused of sheltering and supporting Taliban leaders but Islamabad has continued to deny the charges.

Pakistan meanwhile has been on FATF’s grey list since June 2018 and was given a final warning in February.

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