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Pakistan rejects Afghanistan’s claim of mistreating ambassador

Earlier on Monday, Afghanistan’s foreign ministry in a statement said that its ambassador in Islamabad was summoned and mistreated by ISI, a move, it said, was in clear contradiction with diplomatic norms and principles.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry in a statement rejected the claim of “mistreatment”, but did not make comment on summoning.

“The Government of Pakistan extends due respect and courtesies and expects that the foreign envoys conform to the established diplomatic norms and principles,” the statement said.

Relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan have deteriorated recently. Pakistan closed consular section of its embassy in Kabul after claiming that its diplomats were being harassed.

Afghan government has pledged an investigation into the claim.

“As for the personnel of Pakistan’s diplomatic Missionsin Afghanistan,who are being systematically harassedfor the past few days, our concerns have already been conveyed to the Afghan Government,” Pakistan foreign ministry said. “We urge the Afghan authorities to take immediate steps to ensure safety and security of the personnel of Pakistan’s diplomatic Missions in Afghanistan.”