• publish: 12 May 2021
  • time: 12:56 pm
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Pakistan says no to US military bases on its soil

Pakistan says it will not allow any foreign military bases on its soil following the withdrawal of American troops from neighbouring Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi told journalists in Islamabad on Tuesday: “We will not allow boots on the ground or military bases on our territory.”

Pakistan firmly stood with Afghanistan in its efforts for peace, prosperity and national reconciliation, the minister said, explaining it did not side with any particular stakeholder.

Qureshi promised: “We will remain partners in peace with Afghanistan and will continue to play our role as a facilitator.” He insisted a negotiated political solution was in the interest of Afghanistan.

Qureshi went on to hail welcomed the latest ceasefire between the Afghan government and Taliban, hoping the positive development would create a conducive environment for talks.

He assured the Afghan government and people that Pakistan wanted a strong and stable Afghanistan and will not interfere in their internal matters.

The Biden administration is reportedly in talks with several Central Asian states on where it could redeploy troops to prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a base for groups like Al-Qaeda.

The minister believed the Taliban’s engagement in the Afghan peace process would enhance the “international respectability and recognition that the militant group needed.

If the Taliban wanted recognition, Qureshi believed,  then engagement, renouncing violence and pursuing a political solution was in their interest.

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