• publish: 27 August 2015
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Pakistan seeks security for its diplomats in Afghanistan following an alleged kidnapping attempt

Pakistan on Thursday sought security for its diplomatic missions and personnel in Afghanistan amid concerns of alleged harassment of the embassy staff members in capital Kabul.

Section of the Pakistani media has reported that diplomats and other staffers of the Pakistani embassy have shifted to the embassy compound from residences due to alleged “chasing of their vehicles” and a recent “kidnapping” attempt of a diplomat.

Tensions grew between Pakistan and Afghanistan following deadly attacks in Kabul and other parts earlier this month.

“Security of our Embassy personnel and premises in Afghanistan has become a matter of top priority for the Government of Pakistan. Accordingly, we have conveyed our concerns to the relevant authorities in Afghanistan,” the Foreign Ministry spokesman, Qazi Khalilullah said.

“In response, we have been assured that all possible measures will be taken to ensure the security of our personnel and premises in Afghanistan,” Khalilullah told his weekly press briefing in Islamabad.

Afghan leaders had issued statements about Pakistan after the Taliban attacks that caused tensions. The tensions led to the cancellation of the Pakistan-brokered Afghan peace talks.

“We have been expressing our concerns at the allegations leveled by Afghan government officials against Pakistan and anti- Pakistan campaign by Afghan media,” the spokesman said.

To a question about the Afghan peace talks, he reiterated that Pakistan’s role is that of a facilitator.

“We had facilitated the first round of talks which was positive and productive. It is up to the Afghans now to decide about further steps in this regard,” he said, adding Pakistan remains committed to supporting and facilitating an Afghan-led and Afghan- owned peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.


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