• publish: 1 September 2019
  • time: 4:20 am
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Pakistani army, Quetta shura design Taliban’s programs

Pakistan’s army and the Quetta Shura are designing programs for the Taliban insurgent group, a senior member of Ashraf Ghani’s State-Builder team said on Saturday.

Amrullah Saleh, the former chief of Afghan intelligence agency and first Vice President of Ashraf Ghani’s electoral ticket said that the Taliban are not independent to launch direct talks with the Afghan government.

Saleh added that the militants are fighting against the people of Afghanistan and has no achievement for the people except killing and destruction.

“Taliban are fighting with us and they deny to negotiate. They are labeling us with false accusations while a secular army is supporting them. An army who does not believe in Islam and are using Islam as a tool. We do not have any problem to discuss Emirate or Republic but Taliban is afraid to discuss,” Saleh said while speaking during a campaign event in Kabul.

He added that Pakistan’s army is the brain of the Taliban and the Quetta Shura is the tongue of the Taliban.

Saleh emphasized that Taliban has never built a mosque, a school or a road for the people during the last 25 years.

“Taliban is the first group in the history of humans that emphasize on the omission policy and reject the involvement policy. They want to destroy an open environment and would like a close government system,” he stated.

At the same event, President Ghani said that he will not accept any deal over security forces for the sake of peace.

“Afghan security forces have always defended our country. I would like to clarify one thing that there will be no deal over Afghan security forces in peace talks,” Ghani said.

Meanwhile, he said that the Afghan government prefers a peace that preserves the achievements of the last 18 years including the Afghan constitution and the people’s rights.

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