• publish: 11 August 2016
  • time: 7:38 pm
  • category: Security&Crime
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Pakistani chopper crew kidnapped by Afghan Taliban released

Six members of a Pakistani MI-17 helicopter who were kidnapped by Taliban after their chopper crash landed in east Afghanistan have been freed, Pakistani media reported.

A Pakistan’s Punjab MI-17 helicopter crash landed in eastern Logar province of Afghanistan on August 06. Local Taliban militants then took hostage those on board and set fire the helicopter.

Earlier it was reported there were 7 onboard including 6 Pakistani engineers and one Russian pilot, but Pakistani media today revealed there were actually 6 people on board.

There were also other contradictory reports regarding the helicopter.

Some criticism first raised why a Pakistani helicopter could fly over Afghanistan’s airspace, regarding there has been a long-standing dispute between two countries.

However, later, Afghan ministry of defense said in a statement that the helicopter had required permission letter from Afghanistan’s civil aviation directorate and was authorized to use Afghanistan’s airspace.

Early other reports suggested that the helicopter was heading from Peshawar of Pakistan to Uzbekistan, but other media said that the helicopter was en route to Russia for a routine overhauling.

According to Pakistani media, the hostages have been released and relocated to Pakistan.

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