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Pakistani lawmaker demanded trial of Afghan soldiers involved in border clash

The lawmaker Sajid Hussain Turi told reporters that the Afghan soldiers involved in the incident must be punished under international law, according to Khaama.

He went on to claim that the skirmish took place in Teega check post in Lower Kurram Agency but the Afghan officials are saying that the soldiers had intruded into the Zazai Maidan district of Khost when the incident took place.

This comes as the Afghan authorities said Tuesday that the dead bodies of the Pakistani soldiers along with a detainee were handed over to the Pakistani authorities, apparently proving that the soldiers were inside the Afghan territory when they were killed.

The provincial government media office of Khost in a statement said the Pakistani militia forces launched attacks on security posts in Jando Sar and Bad Khawaran areas of Zazai Maidan district at around 8 am on Sunday.

The statement further added that the local residents and security personnel responded to Pakistani militia forces fire, claiming that some dead bodies of Pakistani military forces and their weapons were left in the area.

The source also added that two local residents fighting the militia forces also lost their lives during the clash.