• publish: 25 December 2021
  • time: 2:50 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 20336

Pakistan’s political parties ask for inclusive government in Afghanistan

Political parties in Pakistan asked regional countries to assert further pressure on the Taliban so that they establish an all-inclusive and stable government in Afghanistan.

The parties said that a stable government will not only benefit Afghanistan but also regional countries.

In the meantime, a number of Pakistan’s religious parties asked the Pakistani government to recognize the interim government of the Taliban regardless of considering the will of the United Nations.

The demand comes as no country has yet recognized the Taliban.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has also acknowledged that they will be making decisions about recognizing the Taliban in close coordination with other allies.

The establishment of an inclusive government, respect for human rights, and not allowing terror groups to use Afghanistan’s soil are the preconditions of the International Community for Taliban’s recognition.

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