• publish: 8 August 2019
  • time: 11:53 am
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Parliament approves mid-year budget review plan

Mohammad Azim Mohseni, head of the parliament’s finance and budget committee, said the house in an extraordinary session has approved the mid-year budget review plan, which included the election budget, with a majority vote of representatives.

Mohseni noted that the Finance and Budget Committee of the House has removed the allocation of budget to newly established ministries, including the ministry of state for peace affairs and the ministry of state for Human Rights affairs, from the mid-year budget review plan.
The operative money requested for the VIP department and presidential protective service department were also removed from the mid-year budget review plan.
Ghulam Farouq Majroh, an MP from Herat told a media briefing that the mid-year budget review plan had added 8 billion Afghani to the presidential precautionary code for covering the costs of the newly formed organizations.
Majroh went on to say that 16 billion Afghanis had already been allocated to the Presidential code national budget plan, but with a demand of 8 billion Afghanis in the mid-year budget review, the total precautionary code money of the President’s reached to 24 billion Afghanis which is a great amount.
Code 91 in the national budget document is called presidential precautionary code and president has open hand to use from this code.
Earlier, the House of Representatives rejected the mid-year budget review plan due to 12 suspected changes and sent it back to the Ministry of Finance for further reform.
The Ministry of Finance has welcomed the House of Representatives’ decision to approve the budget mid-fiscal year. 

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