• publish: 2 October 2021
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Parwan clashes not against IS; former uprising commander was the target: Sources

Sources say yesterday’s clashes in north-eastern Parwan province was not against any IS-K associates, but rather it was a raid against a former prominent Jihadi commander who fought against Soviets and Taliban.

Sources asked for anonymity told Raha News Agency that Khaja Nabi a former jihadi commander who used to fight against Soviet army and later let an uprising forces against the Taliban fighters was the target of IEA (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) fighters on Friday.

Earlier, Bilal Karimi a spokesman for the Taliban claimed their forces have raided at a hideout of IS-K in Charikar district after the terror group hit an IEA car with a roadside bomb.

However, sources familiar with the incident say the clashes sparked when Taliban fighters came across with fighters associated with Commander Khaja Nabi in the district. The verbal tension got flamed higher and turned into an armed clashes.

Taliban fighters used heavy weapons in the clash and inflicted heavy damages to nearby buildings, the sources added.

Taliban have yet to make any comment regarding the claim.

It is worth mentioning, after the Taliban seizure of Afghanistan, they arrested Khaja Nabi but later released him.

Hafizullah Rajabi

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