• publish: 9 January 2022
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Passport department still closed in Kabul, Public criticism continues

Reacting to closure of passport department in Kabul, the capital resident called for resumption of the process as quickly as possible.

The passport department in Kabul was closed when it was attacked in December last year. However, officials said that passport departments are operational in other provinces.

But passport applicants in Kabul said they are desperately waiting for the department to resume its activities. 

The department has halted its activities two times in the last few months following the fall of the previous government. Meanwhile, the online registration system is not functioning anymore, passport applicants said, demanding a quick solution to the problem.

“I have visited the passport department several times over the last month, but no one addresses our problems,” said Sumia, a Kabul resident. 
“When I visit the department, I am told that office hours have not started yet and that they don’t want to register me in the biometric system. But I need to take care of my patient,” said Ghulam Hussain Rasuli, a Kabul resident who added that one of his family members is ill and needs to be taken abroad for treatment.
The passport department stopped operation on Dec. 25, two days after an attack on the office. Officials said the closure of the office was due to security reasons.
Alam Gul Haqqani, head of the passport department, announced on Saturday, Jan. 08, that the online application for passports is not functioning due to technical issues. However, he vowed to fix the issue.
“There are some technical issues in the IT department. We are working to fix it,” he told a press conference, vowing to resume the issuance of passports soon after the issue is fixed.

Meanwhile, other officials from the passport department, said the office is issuing passports to patients and to those who have urgent needs to travel.

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